The lowest scoring Super Bowl ever: Patriots 13-3 Rams


In the most anticlimactic Super Bowl game historically ever witnessed, the Patriots won the Superbowl, earning Tom Brady his sixth ring and title of lowest Super Bowl score played.  This playoff season was filled with surprises and last minutes mistakes, like the missed field goal kick from Chicago kicker Cody Parkey that would have won the game for the Bears instead of the Eagles. Or the Rams helmet to helmet contact that earned no yellow card from the referee that prevented a Saints touchdown that would’ve secured their place in the Super Bowl. Unforeseeable mistakes and missed calls really summed up the two teams headed off in the Super Bowl.

The first half foreshadowed the rest of the game as absolutely no points were scored despite high expectations and good coverage from both teams. By half time, there is nothing to show for the game except a field goal kick from the Patriots.  Brady is certainly a legend for collecting the most Super Bowl victories than any other NFL player in history which is why this lack luster game is so confusing. Patriots fans were expecting a demolition of a team like the Rams who failed to make the playoffs from 2005-2016.  The last time the Rams appeared in the Super Bowl was in 2001 against the Patriots in a slightly more exciting game of 17-20.

By the second half, the Rams do not score until the end of the third quarter, announced by the sportscaster as “tying up the game” as if it was a great feat to score one field goal during a Super Bowl.  It seemed like there would never be a touchdown when by the fourth quarter, neither team had scored one yet until down to minute 7, the Patriots finally get the ball in the endzone. The last points to be seen in the entire game was by the Patriots making a 40 yard field goal attempt with a few minutes left in the whole game. The Rams had an opportunity to make their score seem less pathetic by raising it to 6 instead of 3, but missed the field goal.

With no real stake in this game, it was just a disappointing performance from such a prolific team as the Patriots and an underdog like the Rams. At Least the halftime show with Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi went off without any trouble, even inserting a clip from Spongebob about the band at the Bubble Bowl, which honestly would’ve been better to watch instead.


Image credit: Arnie Papp


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