Abendbrot till you drop

If you’re like me, you will love a good sausage.

You might also like German food. Cheese, bread, sausages (of course) and other Teutonic treats lie in wait at the German Society’s Abendbrot, or “Evening Bread”, taking place in Corpus Christi on Wednesday the 20th February at 6pm. The evening will present a wonderful opportunity for non-Germans such as myself to become more familiar with the culinary culture of the country by partaking in this light German meal, “light” not usually being a word used to describe German food admittedly, but what’s not to like about carbs, cured meat and dairy?

For GerSoc members this delightful evening will cost £5, for non-members it will be £10, however, if you manage to befriend a German, and I thoroughly recommend that you do, a double ticket covering a member and a non-member will only be £7 – in Germany I believe that this is known as an “überbargain” (that’s a lie). Check the German Society Facebook page for more details.

Image credit: Oxford German Society (Facebook)