Controversy over pride flag at Queen’s

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Earlier this week, Queen’s College has took down it’s LGBT flag after just one week of LGBT history month, following a disagreement between the provost and the student body about the amount of time it should be flown for. 

Responding to this, the JCR and MCR LGBT Reps wrote a joint letter to the Provost, arguing that the flag should be allowed to stay up for the full duration of LGBT history month.

After this, the provost eventually agreed to allow the flag to fly for the remainder of LGBT history month, resulting in the flag being put back up after a couple of days of being down.

This follows from a previous disagreement about whether the Trans Flag should be allowed to be flown on Transgender day of remembrance, which took place on 20th November.

The Trans flag wasn’t flown after the Provost allegedly argued that flying too many flags decreases the meaning of when a flag is flown. 

In response to this, ex Charities Rep, and LGBT member of Queen’s College, Megan Howells said: “The decision by the college to take down the flag early, on the basis that continued use would devalue the symbol, shows a blatent disregard for the wishes of the LGBT community in Queen’s.

“Senior members of the college should be celebrating LGBT history month alongside us as allies, not lecturing us on how to preserve the importance of a symbol which does not belong to them.

“It sends a message that they think they know the community more than its own members do, which is the sort of attitude that times like LGBT history month aim to eradicate.”

She added: “I’m happy that Queen’s has now acknowledged this and put the LGBT flag back up, but I’m disappointed that there even needed to be a debate.”

Queen’s College has been contacted for comment. 

Image credit: James Evans