All you need to know about Jailbreak 2019!

Image Credit: Jailbreak

Oxford RAG’s flagship event Jailbreak is back for 2019. This year, it is happening at the end of 8thweek, on the 9th-10th March. With all tute work done for the term, there’s nothing holding you back from signing up for the adventure of a lifetime and one of Oxford universitie’s most established fundraising events! With the sign-up deadline approaching, we spoke to the Jailbreak 2019 team about how to get involved.

The aim is simple: participants 36 hours to get as far away from Oxford as possible without spending any of their own money on transport, and relying on the kindness of others and a bit of luck along the way. Jailbreakers are encouraged to get creative with their journeys, and can raise money to fund their travel (and the RAG charities) by collecting donations from the public, asking travel companies for free or discounted tickets, or good old fashioned hitch-hiking. Last year’s winning team ended up as far away as Malaysia – which just goes to show, Jailbreak really does take you places!

This year, it is not just eternal glory that is at stake for the team that manages to raise the most money (although bragging rights for at least the next 10 years are definitely allowed) but also VIP tickets for what is going to be the HUGEST night of Trinity term – St Hugh’s ball, Cygnus.

New for 2019, RAG have teamed up with the Oxford Waste society and shifted their focus towards green travel. Kellie Harkin, Jailbreak 2019 Team Leader, said about the change: “we’re conscious of the impact of our events and don’t want incredible fundraising to come at the cost of our planet. We’re rewarding the team that manages to get the furthest away from Oxford without flying with some fab prizes – don’t underestimate the power of the European train network or the beauty of a free trip!”.

Jailbreak is completely student-run and has become one of the largest RAG fundraising events of the Oxford calendar. In 2018, Jailbreak raised over £14,000 and had over 50 participants. All funds raised in 2019 will go towards RAG’s four elected partner charities for this year: The Porch, Aspire, Education Partnerships Africa and IntoUniversity. The first two of these are local charities, doing invaluable work to tackle homelessness in Oxford and the surrounding area. The latter two have a wider reach, with IntoUniversity helping to improve access to university education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK, and Education Partnerships Africa working to improve the quality of secondary education in rural communities in East Africa. These charities do incredible work, and the money RAG raises through events like Jailbreak really does make a difference. With just under 3 weeks until the big day, the 2019 Jailbreak teams have already raised over £1,000 – why not sign-up to help us raise even more?

Jailbreak really is all about the “spirit of adventure” as Richard Branson tweeted. It’s your chance to travel in a completely new way to places you’ve never been before and have a lot of fun, all the while raising money for our four fantastic charities for this year. We even have a great prize for the Oxford college with the most sign-ups, so make sure you get lots of teams in your college involved!

The Jailbreak team are currently preparing for their final information evening on Saturday 23rd February, at Jesus College, where they’ll be providing further information on how you can get involved with a global rat race and do your bit for charity this year.

What are you waiting for? Sign up via this link: For more info, check out our Jailbreak 2019 facebook event, instagram and twitter.