Lecture sketches: momentary flight from the intellectual


Part of me loves going to lectures that I know are not 100% relevant for my papers. Perhaps the lecturer will talk about an author I’m not going to be examined on in finals, allowing me a few guilt free minutes of ecstatic freedom to scribble dresses. I don’t sit too close to the front, just in case the lecturer sees. A few wayward strokes suddenly slip from Flaubert’s impersonal narrative voice to a beautiful floor-length evening dress.

The thrill of momentary flight from intellectual thought processing. Such an incredibly simple form of expression compared to the meticulous detail of academic research and laborious essay composition. Even handwriting lecture notes is a form of drawing – drawing out words. Instantaneous fashion figures appear in the page margins in the seconds between points being made by the lecturer – the simplicity of the fashion figure itself means the fewer lines the better – as time pressure enhances their purity.

Image credit: Georgia Corrigan


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