Breaking: Internet history of all Oxford students leaked online by hacker group

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Scores of Oxford students have had their browsing data leaked online, The Oxford Student has learned. The cyber attack has been claimed by the hacking group ‘FreeInfo’. The incident has been alerted to the police who are attempting to take down the sensitive information.

It is not yet know how the data was leaked but a source inside the IT Services told The Oxford Student that they suspect the new Parks College may be to blame. The cyber security expert explained that in their haste to establish a new graduate college to boost student numbers the University gave all nexus accounts associated with Parks College the same password. It would therefore have been “child’s play” to access the system and then the central database where the internet history of all students is stored.

The data, seen by The Oxford Student, is organised by student, based on their Nexus account. Our investigation suggests that pornographic websites collectively generate more traffic among Oxford students than Solo and JStor combined.

A spokesperson from IT Services said the quantity of porn accessed by students was “unusual” and “certainly above average”. An examination of the leaked data also suggests that the majority of exposed students were from Merton. One student told The Oxford Student, “This is not surprising at all”.

Other frequent searches include: ‘Is LMH in Oxford?’, ‘Who is Malala Yousafzai?’, and ‘Symptoms of caffeine overdose’.

Experts at IT Services say “we can’t rule out Putin in all this” given the Russian origin of the hacking group. Preliminary enquiries suggest that hackers may have received “technical support” from the Blavatnik School of Government, founded by Russian oligarch Len Blavatnik. The motives are as yet undetermined but the cyber attack may be connected to the online petition to revoke Article 50 which was signed by many Oxford students.

The Vice-Chancellor has been contacted for comment.

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