Oxford City Council reveals its latest gender pay gap figures

The latest gender pay gap report for the year ending 31st March 2018 confirms that the Council does not have a median gender pay gap for basic pay.

The report provides three key measures of equality: basic pay, bonuses and the proportion of males and females receiving a bonus

While the median gender pay gap for basic pay was 0%, the report does show a mean bonus pay gap of 6.3% in favour of female staff, which is the same figure as the previous year.  The council attribute this to a commission payment to one female member of staff. 

The biggest change was in the median gender bonus gap, which was 19.5% last year, and has been reduced to 0% this year. This represents a positive step in the campaign for gender pay equality.

Councillor Nigel Chapman. Board Member for Customer Focused Services, said: “Oxford City Council remains in a positive position when it comes to differences in rates of pay for men and women. We have a strong commitment to making sure that all of our staff are paid the correct rate and that no discrimination exists based on gender.” 

Image: Oxford City Council