Graffiti supportive of trans community appears in Oxford

Pro-trans graffiti which reads “trans happiness is real” has been popping up in several areas across Oxford.

An Oxlove has been posted with a photo of the graffiti on a bin in Cornmarket street. It has also been alleged that similar messages have been left by Oxford Brookes in Headington, and that stickers have been place with the same message in buses around Oxford.

The Oxlove reads: “Massive Oxlove to the person who put this up. I’ve been having a shitty week and a terrible evening watching my crush making out with his girlfriend. You made this lil trans boi remember the good in this world! Thank you!”

This comes following stickers that were put up in Jericho last year, which contained messages of hate against the trans community, and reports from the Oxford LGBTQ+ Campaign that two thirds of transgender students have experienced transphobia or discrimination while at the University of Oxford

Image credit: Oxlove