Fundraiser set up to make Plush accessible

A fundraiser has been set up to make Plush, the only LGBTQ+ club in Oxford, accessible.

The fundraiser aims at installing a wheelchair lift, to make it fully accessible for wheelchair users.

There have been concerns that this would mean disabled people having to pay for their own accessibility. However, it has been raised that, whilst Plush would be able to fund making the club accessible, without this fundraiser, it would take a year for them to raise the money to do so.

Henna Khanom, co-chair of the LGBTQ+ campaign for Oxford SU said: “Disabled people shouldn’t be excluded from queer spaces. Making the club accessible is a priority. Given that it would take Plush a whole year to raise enough funds by itself (after its forced re-location it is short on funds), we’re asking able-bodied and LGBTQ+ allies to consider donating in solidarity. Plush needs to become accessible as soon as possible; disabled people deserve equal access and this is the most realistic way forward.”

“As we believe accessibility to wheelchair users to be indispensable, we have collaborated with Plush to set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise the remaining funds. If you are financially privileged and can afford to do so, please consider helping to make Plush accessible as quickly as possible.”

The club has reportedly spent a lot of money on accessibility so far, but is asking for funds to complete their last bit of work sooner.

You can donate to the campaign at

Image: The Plush Lounge