Oxford University announces postgraduate summer access scheme

Oxford University has launched UNIQ+, a six week summer school for prospective postgraduate students. The course will give 25 potential applicants the chance to experience postgrad study at Oxford and receive advice and support on the application process.

The project is an expansion of the already well- established UNIQ summer school, which is for A level students considering applying to Oxford. As with UNIQ, it is aimed at those who would find taking up postgraduate study difficult due to socio-economic circumstances, or other reasons outside of their academic ability. This includes, for example, first generation students and those who have been in care for at least three months.

All candidates will receive a £2,500 stipend to offset any loss of potential earnings during this period. Additionally, accommodation is free and up to £200 in travel costs is covered.

The University has announced that in its inaugural year UNIQ+ will have a focus on STEM subjects. This means that to apply in 2019, an applicant to UNIQ+ will need to have a biological, medical, chemical, mathematical, engineering, computer science, and/or physical sciences background.

The application encourages candidates to choose a research area from the following courses: Doctoral Programmes in the Medical Sciences, Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science Interdisciplinary Bioscience, Doctoral Programmes in the Mathematical Institute.

The University requires applicants to be at least in the second year of their course, and typically be on track to achieve a high 2:1 or First overall. You can also apply if you have already graduated from an undergraduate course with at least a high 2:1 final grade.

As well as academic experience, the programme also hopes to give potential postgraduate students a taste of Oxford life, including living in a college. In promoting the project, the university has said that “UNIQ+ aims to make the real day-to-day experience of studying and living at Oxford more accessible and transparent”.

Nadia Pollini, Director of Graduate Admissions, said, “The University of Oxford is committed to attracting and admitting the very best students from all backgrounds and this commitment does not end at undergraduate level”.

She added, “We hope that UNIQ+ will give talented students who might not usually consider continuing on to postgraduate study the chance to experience what Oxford offers to its students for themselves.”

The deadline for the 2019 UNIQ+ summer school is 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019.

Image: http://www.ox.ac.uk/uniqplus