St Hugh’s regrets failing to take appropriate action against sexual harassment

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An independent inquiry, commissioned by St. Hugh’s College, revealed the College has failed to take appropriate action over the misconduct of a former fellow. The inquiry was commissioned after two former students accused their tutor Prof. David Robertson of sexual harassment.

Following the investigation, members of the College’s governing body expressed “profound sorrow” at the misconduct of Prof. Robertson.

Prof. Robertson died in August 2017. He taught Politics at St. Hugh’s between 1982 and 1991.

In an article on the website ‘The Pool’, Mel McGrath accused Prof. Robertson of “doing a Weinstein on me”.

She said Prof. Robertson “held tutorials in his flat on college grounds and had an uncanny knack for scheduling a shower, at whatever time of day, just before I arrived”.

“He’d open the door – as if innocently – dressed in his bathrobe and, one time, in a tiny towel,” she wrote.

“For the next hour I would have to undergo the humiliating experience of reading my essay, on which I had laboured hard and with serious intent, while David sat opposite, half-naked and man spreading.”

The Governing Body stated that it accepts the results of the report and is now “radically different”, adding that it continues to promote further change across the University.

Image Credit: Jpbowen


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