Magdalen College announces new event for under-represented students

Magdalen College has announced that they will be launching a three day event for Year 12 prospective law students.  The event will start on August 14 until August 16 with full accommodation, provided meals, and reimbursed travel expenses. 

The event organizer, Dr. Ed Dodson commented: ” ‘Law at Magdalen’ will seek to target students from a range of groups that are under-represented at Oxford and Magdalen. These include students who are living in areas of socio-economic disadvantage, first-generation Higher Education participants, and students from schools with little history of successful Oxford applications.”

Magdalen Law tutors Katharine Grevling and Joe Sampson will host a series of classes in order to simulate a real tutorial.  In addition, students will be able to participate in a mock Oxford interview, talk with current students, and understand the criteria of the admissions office.

This event is just one of 70 outreach events currently scheduled for 2019 to increase accessibility to prospective students.  Other groups involved in such programs include the Oxford African and Caribbean Society, Oxford First-Gen, UNIQ, UNIQ+, The Access Project, IntoUniversity and Target Oxbridge.

Dodson further noted “In 2018 we conducted 82 outreach and access events, many of which were organised and delivered in collaboration with other Colleges, Departments, and external organisations. We engaged approximately 2,500 school students and worked with over 150 different schools and colleges.”

This access project follows a previous collaboration by Magdalen with the English Faculty and the Oxford African and Caribbean Society (ACS) which conducted an English Study Day. Designed for students of Afro-Caribbean descent, the event, which took place in early April, saw discussions of the authors Chinua Achebe and Andrew Marvell, assisted by Magdalen tutors Simon Horobin and Kate Bennett among others.

ACS Access Reps Bree and Ope noted “The day provided the students with a fantastic understanding and grounding should they wish to pursue an English degree in higher education, and they were also introduced to the intimate nature of the tutorial system here in Oxford.”

The link to the ‘Law at Magdalen’ event can be found at

Image Credit: Ed Webster