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This one’s for you, Instant Noodles.

Disclaimer – I have never been a breakfast lover. Scrambled eggs are a dime a dozen, bacon gives me the sweats, cereals just ‘there’ – I generally feel disillusioned and apathetic to both the time of breakfast (obscenely early) and breakfast foods (except maple syrup, you’re my boo).

But there’s always been one meal that has brought a tear to my eye and a gurgle to my stomach. Growing up, mie goreng was my absolute favourite meal. ‘Mie’ means noodles in Bahasa Malayu, and ‘goreng’ means fried – fried noodles. It’s incredibly simple to make and all made from a packet, with MSG, chicken flavouring and chilli powder elevating the entire dish and bringing flavours that I haven’t found anywhere else to this day. 

A lot of students will know this dish, especially since it takes a literal five minutes to make and can be found in a lot of supermarkets. Despite eating this for a good 18 years when reaching university, the recipe, as straightforward as it is, was very much needed. So in case you a.) haven’t heard of this amazing incredible meal or b.) don’t know how to cook it, here’s my recipe!

Drop tightly coiled noodles in a pot full of boiling water, then strain the water out for dry noodles that are to be immediately thrown into a pan to be quickly drenched in all the sauces and stirred with a fork. 

I know it’s like astrophysics but after the third read it gets better I promise.

I’ve cherished this dish through the years – I always have it with a sunny side up fried egg on the side, and as a creature of habit I will never get sick of it. Whenever I eat it I literally have the most meta-moment where I’m transported to every stage of my life; sitting in front of the TV in Singapore, sitting in front of the TV in London, sitting in front of the TV at Oxford – all these different moments in my life swirl around my head as I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Just don’t eat it when it’s cold. When served hot it’s spicy, salty, fried and rivals the Big Mac on the unhealthy scale. 

It’s the best.


Image Credit – Devika_smile 


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