Free-speech society appoints Oxford Alien Academic as senior member and throws alien-themed church bop

The Wilberforce Club hosted an Alien themed drinks event in St Giles’ Church on 10th May in honour of the Oxford academic Dr Young-hae Chi, who has joined the society as a Senior Member.

Dr Chi is an instructor in Korean at Oxford’s Oriental Institute who has spoken and written about the presence of invisible aliens in our society, interbreeding with humans and correlated with climate change.

The Wilberforce Club was founded at the start of this year, with a stated mission “to spread and promote a free society in which freedom of thought and speech is unrestricted”. They have described the event as a “celebration of The Wilberforce Club acquiring Dr Chi”, which was “basically a bop in a church” according to the organisers.

They also advised attendees, “[d]on’t come expecting any intellectual discussion” in what they branded as “the weirdest (and hopefully not the worst) experience you’ve ever had in a church”.

The Club informed The Oxford Student that it has been in email contact with Dr Chi, who is currently at a conference in Mongolia, about him becoming a Senior Member upon his return to Oxford.

Dr Chi confirmed to us that he has accepted the position, but added “I will have to ask for more details on the function and vision of the society.”

In addition to the Alien themed edition of “Gin & Liberty” held in St Giles’ last Friday, the Club are also hoping to host a speaker event featuring Dr Chi in the near future, where he will be invited to give a lecture on his views on extra-terrestrial beings, following which the audience will have a chance to press Dr Chi on his claims in a Q&A session.

Speaking to The Oxford Student, Chase Koch, founding President of the Wilberforce Club said: “The aim our of society is to put on regular, entertaining events, that students will enjoy – as well as hold more intellectual events, such as our still in the works conversation with Dr Chi.

“So yes – we absolutely want to have fun and that is one of the main aims of our society. But we also hope that the events like we are running tonight will raise the profile of our own society, so that we can have larger, more impactful events down the line.

“Having fringe and eclectic events bring us more interest and are the events that people want to attend. We have a variety of ‘odd’ events planned for this term – but those will be mixed in with more intellectual conversations about free speech, including speakers of interest that hold interesting beliefs”

Among Dr Chi’s claims are that aliens share our biosphere, breed with us, and are acting to overcome the effects of climate change. He cites a strong correlation between climate change and the occurrence of alien abduction incidences. Dr Chi expressed his unconventional views in a lecture in 2012 and has since written a book on the subject.

In April 2018, Dr Chi approached The Oxford Union to propose a debate about extra-terrestrials and climate change, but his proposal was not accepted.

Image credit: The Wilberforce Club