Deceptive phishing email sent to Oxford Students at Magdalen and Lincoln

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A particularly deceptive phishing email has been sent to students at multiple Oxford Colleges, including Magdalen and Lincoln.

The subject line is “Your Nexus mailbox is set to expire on 24-5-2019”, and it features a corrupt link. It is not a genuine email and will result in your account being compromised if clicked.

The email reads as following:

“Dear User,

Your Nexus mailbox is set to expire in 14 days’ time on 24-May-2019.

This means that you will not be able to log in to your Nexus mailbox after this date. If you have mail which you want to keep, you need to take action now.

You can do this at

If you are still a member of the University you need to take urgent action to renew your University card, and we will update your record from that.

Thank you,

IT Services Registration”

The only clues that the email is corrupt is that it is addressed ‘Dear User’ and that the password reset link actually points to another website. If you have received this email it is advised that you delete it. If you have already clicked the link and tried to change your password then please get in touch with your college IT technician immediately.

A spokesman advising against the dangers of such phishing emails stated some instructions on how to recognise them: “If you hover over the link you should see that it doesn’t point to any kind of internal Oxford URL”. In addition, “a genuine password reset email will address you by name and include your SSO so you can be sure the sender really does know who you are”.

If you’re in any doubt about the authenticity of an email, double check with your College IT support or Oxford IT Services at

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