Kaya Alexsson elected SU Vice-President for Charities and Community

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Kaya Alexsson has been elected as the SU’s VP for Charities & Community, beating out her competitor Naomi Hirst with 599 votes to Hirst’s 380. Re-Open Nominations received 32 votes.

The announcement came last night at the SU’s Charity Awards ceremony. The by-election came after no-one stood for the position back in the full SU elections in Hilary. Neither of the two major slates ran candidates for the position.

Alexsson will take over the role from the current VP Rosanna Greenwood. She will join Anisha Faruk (President), Ray Williams (VP for Access and Academic Affairs), Neil Misra (VP for Graduates), Róisín McCallion (VP for Welfare and Equal Opportunities), and Amber Sparks (VP for Women).

In the election 1016 votes were cast, making up 4.4% of eligible voters.

According to the SU website, the role of the VP for Charities is to “lead in policy making and campaigning work, in conjunction with other Officers, by addressing the needs of students as members of the community” as well as to “facilitate charitable fundraising activity undertaken by the student body and represent the student body in local community structures”.

Speaking to The Oxford Student, Alexsson said: “It feels like an honour to be able to continue the work of previous students, staff, and faculty who have improved Oxford’s partnerships with local and global communities over the years. It also feels a bit like being handed a summer reading list for a course that you can’t wait to take.”

She went on to say: “I’m excited and ambitious about the potential this role offers and also aware of how much there is for me to learn about how Oxford operates.”

Image: Kaya Alexsson


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