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Hoof and Horn Productions are excited to announce that they are putting on the visceral and compelling play Hustlers from the 11th-15th of June (7th Week) at the BT Studio before their run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They can also reveal that they’ve been confirmed for one of the biggest stages at this year’s new writing curation with theSpace UK.

After their success with The Pitchfork Disney, this latest Hoof and Horn production is a project four years in the making. The new student-written play Hustlers offers an intersectional view on sex work in the 1980s, set during the AIDS and drug crisis. Writer, Lou Lou Curry, is passionate about representing the underrepresented and shedding light on an industry often neglected by the media, especially the LGBTQ+ and BAME narratives which are often suppressed.

Hustlers focuses on the lives of four individuals, aged sixteen to twenty four, as their lives constantly intertwine and collide. Exploring challenging themes, from addiction, struggles with sexuality and sexual assault each narrative offers a glimpse into another world, one not that far from our own: the streets. This play offers an intense examination of the mental and physical consequences of sex work, the extreme pressures they are under and the methods they adopt to gain a release from their realities.

These kids invite you to hear them, to explore their history and to delve into their complicated lives. So come, allow them to be heard

What makes this play especially unique is the huge amount of research which has allowed Lou Lou to give an honest take on the industry. Inspired by a photo book of the same name depicting the ‘Hustlers’ on the streets of LA, Lou Lou was determined to discover more about these, often forgotten, faces. Her exploration of their lives emboldened her to ensure these narratives were heard and thus the play Hustlers was based on the lives of actual survivors.

Under the direction of Priya Radhakrishnan, who recently impressed with her directorial debut Amadeus, this play incorporates physical theatre and intense dialogue to bring you into their world. According to Hoof and Horn Productions, the cast, Amelia Holt, Lou Lou Curry, Megan Ruppel and Nichita Matei, “bring incredible talent to the production, creating a visceral but emotive atmosphere, successfully giving the audience an insight into their character’s struggles. These kids invite you to hear them, to explore their history and to delve into their complicated lives. So come, allow them to be heard.”

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Image Credit: Hoof and Horn Productions/Facebook


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