Doritos and Quavers Mac n’ Cheese Recipe

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I can proudly say that out of all the recipes I’ve cooked up, from ketchup and mustard tomato pasta to popcorn and prosciutto, this is my prized achievement. Having been inspired by Chang’s ‘Fritos Fritters’ from Orange is the New Black, I felt that pasta and junk food is the combination that no one asked for, but severely needed. With cheesy mist rising from the pot, this monster is the incarnation of huel and pasta’s love child. A true megalodon of a meal, combining the plastic taste of fake cheese with an even more manufactured tangy taste, is the only way I can describe the beauty that is Doritos and Quavers mac n’ cheese.

To give yourself a pounding headache, stomach cramps and fox courage for becoming a future Masterchef, you will need:


150 grams of fusilli

8 square slices of a cheese of your choice

2 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

Two regular packets of Quavers

Two small packets of Doritos

Lots of salt to taste


Mouthwatering right? Here are the steps

  • Boil your pasta in salted water, and pour pasta out al dente
  • Pour pasta into a pot and stir continuously while adding slices of the cheese once at a time. Do this until the cheese is a creamy sauce
  • Add butter, garlic powder and salt to taste
  • Mix well. While mixing, crunch up a packet of Quavers and Doritos and pour them in, mixing them well
  • Plate up while hot, and crunch up another two packets of Quavers and Doritos to pour over the pasta to give it texture!

And voila! The taste, you ask? That’s not too important – it definitely resembled other Mac n’ Cheese recipes in some aspects, and took no more than twenty minutes to make. A crunchtastic version of Mac n’ Cheese that is a guaranteed catalyst for future counseling sessions between you and your bowels.

Image Credit – Benjamin Chuah



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