Sara Dube elected Union President as Rise slate claims victory

The slate ‘Rise’ has won three of the four main officer positions in the Oxford Union, following yesterday’s termly election . Sara Singh Dube won the presidential position for the slate, with Beatrice Barr winning treasurer, and Lee Chin Wee winning Secretary.

Spencer Cohen won the position of Librarian, for the slate ‘2020 Vision’. The slate ‘Unlock’ picked up none of the officer positions.

This comes following a controversy surrounding Rise accidentally nominating two candidates for treasurer, and none for librarian. Rise candidate Ayman D’Souza, who was intending to nominate for librarian rather than treasurer, has however alleged that this was not an accident, but due to electoral malpractice.

Chengkai Xie, Varuna Mitra, Joseph Grehan-Bradley, Ellie Flint, Arjun Bhardwaj, Harry Deacon, and Alice Zhang were all elected members of the Standing Committee.

Dube won 531 first preferences for President, compared to 353 for Charlie Coverman of the ‘2020 Vision’ slate, and 244 for Amy Gregg, representing ‘Unlock’.

Cohen took Librarian in a far closer race, edging out Mo Iman of ‘Unlock the Union’ by 23 votes.

Image Credit: Rise Facebook