The Comedy Column: Freshers week


On arriving in Oxford for my first ever day of university, the first things I unpacked into my new room were a condom, a pot noodle and a mini can of lucozade. The freshers pack I had been presented with on arriving at one of the supposedly top universities in the world was promising me an exciting week.

However, despite first impressions, my freshers week turned out to be monumentally uneventful. Whilst I imagine the majority of people who claim not to be able to remember much of their freshers week can do so with the pride of it being a sign that they had amazingly drunken nights out, when I say I can’t remember anything it’s because I’m afraid to say I got bored terribly quickly.

You may not be surprised to hear at this point that I’m not really the going out type. This is fine, as like you’ll be told many times by others, it really is true that you’ll meet like-minded people at uni, whether you want to make friends who party, or not. I challenge you to get on the same level as me and the friends I made in freshers week who managed to combine going to both the board game mixer for those that didn’t want to go out and the following club night.

Unfortunately, my mind was still refusing to let me feel settled into uni life. Being an overthinker sucks, especially when it leads to you spending most of freshers week unwilling to commit yourself to being friends with any of the people you’ve met and got along with because you’re fixated with making sure you choose the right people to be ‘your friends for life’.

Thankfully I eventually got over this and have become good friends with all the people who I initially judged to such high standards. I wish all new freshers all the best in settling into Oxford, from the prejudiced fresher hating mind of a finalist who thinks you better appreciate how great your uni life is now, before things get serious.

Image Credit: Mike Knell


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