Portraits of BAME alumni go up in college halls

Colleges including Lincoln, St Peter’s, Univ, and Keble are hosting exhibitions containing portraits of their female BAME alumni in their dining halls to celebrate their achievements.

The initiative follows on from the university’s 2017 Diversifying Portraiture initiative which catalogued existing and commissioned new portraits of alumni from diverse backgrounds.

It is composed of a variety of college level projects with their own individual focuses, but which all contain some female BAME alunni portraits.

These include Univ’s ‘Young Univ’ exhibition, which celebrates male and female alumni under 35, and a collection of 28 “inspirational people” to be shown in Keble.

Individuals depicted include Dapo Akande, a professor of Public International Law at the Blavatnik School, in St Peter’s and Anne Marie Imafidon, founder of STEMettes, a social enterprise encouraging girls to enter STEM fields, at Keble.

Pro Ve Chancellor Rebecca Surender said: “It is so important to highlight the full range of diversity at Oxford and to remember the contributions of our BAME alumnae.”


Image Credit: Renee Kapu – Fran Monks