Queen’s college students’ behaviour at Emporium ‘unacceptable’


The manager of Emporium was left upset and angry due to the behaviour of students during a Queen’s only night at the club.

Queen’s College JCR hired out the nightclub, located on St Ebbes’ Street in central Oxford, on the Tuesday of 0th week as part of their fresher’s week timetable.

The next day, Emporium’s manager called the Queen’s College social secretary to complain about the ‘unacceptable’ behaviour of some of the students.

These complaints included certain students being physically and verbally aggressive to the bouncers, attempting to jump over the barriers after being refused entry, and generally being rude and disrespectful.

An eyewitness account reported that some students started a ‘pile on’ on the dance floor. In the call, the manager even expressed that an apology would be somewhat useless given the extent of the bad feeling.

In an email to all students of the JCR, the JCR president stressed that while the behaviour was only attributable to a small group, it did reflect badly on the college as a whole, and that behaviour of individuals outside of college carries repercussions for others.

The email included a copy of the Queen’s College Community Values Statement, which requires, amongst other things, ‘accountability for personal conduct.’ As a result of the events at Emporium, a second email was sent out to the whole JCR ahead of the freshers week bop.

This informed students that various porters and junior deans, who had been made aware of the behaviour of students at Emporium, would be on duty throughout the bop to supervise and would shut it down should it become ‘too rowdy’.

There was also a threat that, should similar behaviour be repeated at the bop, the college bar, ‘Beer Cellar’, would be closed for an indefinite period.

In the second email, the president of Queens’ JCR stressed the possibility of these situations damaging the relationship between the JCR and members of staff, as well as the reputation of the JCR throughout the college in general.

Image credit: The Queen’s College, Wikipedia


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