Oxford celebrates the DPhil Centenary 1919-2019

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Oxford University was the first university to offer a doctoral degree, where its first DPhil scholars came from across the world to further their education. November 2019 marks the 100 year anniversary of the DPhil, with the DPhil being the Oxford equivalent to a PhD.

When the DPhil first began, only several dozen graduate students attended the course. Now there are over 6,000 studying in the Oxford student community. DPhil students today represent over 120 countries and nationalities, with well over 350 graduate courses to choose from across a range of science and humanities disciplines. The DPhil was intended to open up the University to a changing world of global mobility and scientific possibility, and continues to do so today.

A DPhil consists of a theis and an oral examination of the work, being a viva voce, and this format has remained consistent throughout the 100 year period. The first DPhil student was Dr. Lakshman Sarup, completing his thesis of a study of Yāska’s Niruktaon on 29th November 1919.

Image Credit: Dutch Simba


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