OULC pulls out of Three Party Debate

It has recently been announced that Oxford University Labour Club will no longer take part in the Three Party debate, hosted by the Oxford Forum.

This comes as the result of a disagreement between OULC and OULD (Oxford University Liberal Democrats) over the topic of debate. OULD proposed the topic “This house is ready for Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister”, however, OULC argued that they would rather debate “policies, not people”, and so suggested the alternative motion of “This house is ready for a Labour Government”.

In response to this, OULD put out a statement in which they claimed that “We consider the following as possible explanations for this”. Some of these reasons they gave were “The inexcusable and vile rise of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership” and “His serial support and embrace of violent terrorist movements over democratic and peaceful movements in Palestine and Northern Ireland”.

OULC claimed: “we gave our reason for not wanting the debate topic OULD proposed, so their made up list of reasons is factually untrue and frankly bizarre”.

However, a spokesperson for OULD told The Oxford Student that OULC’s reason for declining the motion had not been communicated to them.

OULD said in their statement that “The Labour Club’s refusal to defend Jeremy Corbyn is further evidence that both he and Boris Johnson are unfit to be our Prime Minister”

OULC responded to this by claiming that “OULD’s behaviour is further evidence that the Liberal Democrats are not yet ready to run a student society, let alone a country”.

They added: “Instead, we will be hosting an additional campaigning session, talking to the people who have been hurt the most by Liberal Democrat austerity”.

President of the Oxford Forum Julia Hussain commented: “The Oxford Forum is disappointed that a debate which is the only chance for Oxford students to hear the three main parties debate, has ended up at such odds and with one of the parties dropping out entirely.

“We are still looking forward to a spirited event, with the potential for a different group representing the left in Oxford.”