LMH students reprimanded for walking around in underwear

Lady Margaret Hall students have been reprimanded recently via an email regarding students walking around in their pyjamas and underwear. LMH accommodation addressed the fact that they wanted LMH students to have ‘a safe and comfortable environment…with rules about behaviour to be kept to a minimum’, but they also express their wish for ‘respect and and consideration’ for other people.

The email continues to detail that ‘Although you may feel comfortable walking down the corridor in your underwear, or going to breakfast in your pyjamas…remember that you are living in a communal environment…in any area of college you might find yourself walking past other students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, staff members who are here to do their jobs, and potentially public visitors. So please take a moment to consider how your actions may affect other people. Please also remember to take note of any notices or instructions that are passed onto you through email, posters, or by our staff members and make sure you are familiar with any guidelines from your accommodation agreement and the college handbook’.

A few LMH students have commented on the lighthearted intentions of their wanderings, but acknowledge the message of the email and the responsibility they have within their college grounds.

Image credit: Jilian Kern