Mumps outbreak across several colleges

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Several colleges, including St Hugh’s, Magdalen and Exeter, have had reported cases of mumps. Within Hugh’s, a small number have been diagnosed, with an email being sent out shortly afterwards attempting to reassure students.

Hugh’s students were informed of the ‘highly infectious’ nature of mumps, where the viral infection is spread via ‘infected droplets of saliva that can be inhaled or picked up from surfaces and transferred into the mouth or nose’. Hugh’s students, if infected, have been asked to make arrangements to go home if diagnosed with mumps, and staff members, fellows and lecturers have been told similarly to remain at home and to contact a GP.

An anonymous source quotes ‘At least two members of my college have been struck down by mumps. Their necks are like those of walruses, and at first it was quite funny. However, we soon realised it was mumps. But now, I am fearful it’s even spread to Magdalen.’

This follows an outbreak towards the end of the last academic year at Oxford.

Image Credit: Michael Coleman 


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