Chinese Students call student council meeting over Hong Kong motion

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Following the heated 5th Week Student Council meeting in which a motion supporting the Hong Kong protests was proposed and passed, a group of students originally opposed to the motion have collected a total of 352 unverified signatures to call an Extraordinary Student Council meeting. Typically this kind of meeting only requires 100 signatures to be called. The agenda consists of one motion titled, “Stop Violent Protest and Call for Peaceful Negotiation in Hong Kong”.

The new motion aims to add content to the previously proposed motion by Oriel College’s Martin Yip that mandates the Oxford SU President to publish an open letter supporting “Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom and Condemning Police Brutality”. It notes that “Violence is prominent in current Hong Kong protests, with protestors throwing Molotov cocktails, setting fire on streets, burning a person alive, and injuring ordinary citizens and police with various means.”

Should the motion pass, it resolves to further mandate the Oxford SU President to add content to the open letter ‘calling for the stop of violent protest and calling for peaceful negotiation in Hong Kong’ and insists that ‘This resolution should not affect other content in the open letter’.

The proposer of the motion, University College’s Shining Zhao commented to The Oxford Student, “I think this motion is important. As a student who truly cares about Hong Kong, I want to bring a chance for constructive change in and settlement of the current chaos in this city. I believe stopping violence and starting peaceful negotiation will be the most helpful way out.”

The Extraordinary Student Council meeting is to be held at 5:30 pm on Wednesday 27th November prior to the 7th Week student council meeting.

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