Record-breaking 69% of offers go to state school students

2,697 state school attending students have been made an undergraduate offer to study at Oxford University for the academic year 2020/21- up by 4.6% from last year, the largest intake increase for state school students the University has ever seen.

This Tuesday just under 10,000 shortlisted applicants from around the world received the news they had been anxiously waiting for since December; whether or not they had secured a provisional place to study at Oxford University. Of these students, a reported total of 3,909 have been successful.

The bulk of these offers, 69.1%, went to pupils from state schools- the highest proportion in the University’s history- compared to 30.9% from independent schools. University statistics show that as in previous years UK applicants have been more likely to receive an offer. 78% of the offers were made to UK based applicants, 15% to Overseas students and just 7% to EU students- down from 8% last year.

The number of offers made to young people from areas with the lowest progression rates to higher education has also increased. Students from POLAR4 quintile 1- those deemed least likely to participate in higher education due to varying socioeconomic factors- accounted for 6.4% of the 21.5% of UK applicant offers – up by 1.4% from 2019.

More UNIQ participants received offers than ever before, representing a total offer rate of 33.6%. This follows the 50% expansion of the summer access scheme last year. The increase shows that the access programme participants have an offer rate that is 56.3% higher than the average.

These historic increases follow recent efforts the University has made to encourage access to higher education for young people who may have little support and information and for those from underrepresented backgrounds. Earlier this week, Oxford announced its first dedicated fully funded scholarship at the undergraduate level for Black British students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The University expects to make further progress towards its access goals with the introduction of the Foundation Oxford programme, which will be targeted at 50 students from underrepresented backgrounds who have experienced significant disruption to their schooling and education as a result of their life circumstances.

Dr Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach at Oxford, has said,

“We are delighted by this record number of offers to state school students, and to students from under-represented backgrounds. This creates a strong foundation for what we aim to achieve. We know that students from some backgrounds are not as well-represented at Oxford as they should be, and we are determined that this should change. Having taught in state schools during my career, I know the wealth of talent that lies there. We wish the students every success in their studies, and hope they flourish at Oxford.”

Image Credit: Oxford University