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This week it was discovered that Cambridge academic, Dr Peter Hutchinson, wrote an erotic work of fiction about undergraduate students.

Dr Hutchinson is a former fellow at Trinity Hall who was at the centre of a sexual harassment case in 2015.

First Time: Ooh-la-la, published under the pseudonym Barry Able, is set at a fictional Oxford college called St. Badley’s where the female undergraduates are members of a club called “The Virgins,” which requires they sleep with at least one man a week during term time.

Dr Hutchinson quit teaching in 2015, the same year as the book was published, after accusations of sexually harassing 10 students. However, he only finally resigned in November 2019 after an open letter gathered 1,300 signatures.

Students complained that Dr Hutchinson had asked them during a seminar if they had “ever had any love bites” and, asked a female student if the content of a book ‘turned her on.’

Former students have described being ‘disgusted’ and ‘uncomfortable’ with the contents, with others claiming to recognise themselves in the pages.

The cover of the book depicts a woman’s leg in stockings and high heels which belongs to an anonymous Trinity Hall student, though Hutchinson has emphasised that he was not present when the photo was taken.

As well as sharing a name with the protagonist, events of the novel reflect Hutchinson’s 2006 court case where he was acquitted of sexual assault, with a barrister in the novel describing the case as “absolutely ludicrous!”

Dr Hutchinson claims his book reflects the views of women who he had spoken to and that it offered a ‘progressive’ view of women where, “an all-women’s society is in control, totally liberated, it is they who are ‘conquering’ men, not the other way around.”

The opening scene of the book includes the Bursar and the Dean describing female students as, “a brazen hussy,” and “exceptionally well endowed.”


Image Credit: Book Cover, Barry Able


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