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Being part of the Oxford Student Editorial Team is a chance to really have an impact on the university experience, and be part of a talented, diverse and inspired group of people. This page will detail the varied and exciting sections you can apply for, from helping edit opinion pieces, exploring the cultural scene at the university, to crafting important breaking news stories.

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The Deadline for Applications is 6pm Tuesday 10th March


News is one of our most vital sections and at the heart of what we do at The Oxford Student. We are dedicated to reporting on issues pertinent to Oxford students and aspire to do so in a timely manner. From the dodgy dealings of our colleges to the progressive, new guidelines for diversity mandated by our Student Council we want to cover those important stories which impact our life here at the university. Our News Team strives to uphold high journalistic standards in accordance to the journalist code of ethics and we take pride in our editorial independence – we will never shy away from story because of bias. As part of the News Team you will be an integral part of keeping our readers up-to-date with University related news through commissioning and editing articles, as well as investigating the stories that really matter and answering those all important questions and concerns students may have here. You will learn proper forms of investigation and the unique style of news reporting as well as undertake legal training – crucial skills that will help start a burgeoning journalism career of your own.


This is our opinion section dedicated to spreading the voices of our student body on the most topical and controversial issues relevant to students, young people and the nation/globe. This section, which has included debates and opinion pieces on topics as diverse as the morality of the Oxford Union to whether we should support college stash, can attract thousands of readers, and truly impact how other students understand their experience of the university and the hot topics of the day. As part of the Comment Editorial team, you can help shape the discourse within the university through commissioning and editing articles, as well regularly contributing to help start a burgeoning writing career of your own.


The Features Section is a place where students can explore their experiences. With longer and more in-depth pieces, Features will provide a place for students to relate to and understand their peers. Whether it’s how you adjusted moving from secondary school to Oxford, how you’ve experienced and interacted with student politics, to your experience of how mental health and living up to academic expectations interact, the Features Section is a place to tell your story, or a story you think is worth telling. As part of the Features Editorial team, you can help shape the discourse within the university through commissioning and editing articles, as well regularly contributing to help start a burgeoning writing career of your own.


As part of our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we have a dedicated section, as part of Features, to focus on LGBTQ+ and gender issues. This section will explore sexual identity and gender identity, with a wide ranging focus on how these issues affects all members of our society, with contributions from all, no matter how they identify, welcome.


As part of our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we have a dedicated section, as part of Features, to focus on issues regarding race and cultural identity. This section will explore issues specific to BAME people, celebrating diversity and also shining a spotlight on their experience.


Profile is a section dedicated to providing thought-provoking interviews with a wide variety of people, from internationally famous celebrities and thinkers to students at Oxford continually pushing the boundaries. Past interviewees have included Nick Clegg, Gina Miller, and the illustrious Eve Bennett. Being part of the Profile team means getting to meet some incredible people, and helping to decide what parts of their mind you wish to explore through the interview format.


Our brand new section, OxYou is the page to let out all your Oxford woes. For this section we want humorous content that is directly related to life at Oxford University. Fallen in love with your college spouse? This will be the place to find some articles with advice about that conundrum. Want to become your college’s resident BNOC? How about a 5-step guide to achieving this! This section will also include an agony aunt column – and yes, we are looking for an agony aunt writer! (Ideal candidates will have experience writing satire)


We are a paper by students for students and as such we want to make sure that we are covering as many sporting events that our fellow students are participating in as possible and publish their victories! Shoe the Tabs! There will also be room to create some more opinionated content regarding sports, with a focus on the role of sport within the university, with past articles reporting on the Sports Federation decisions on transgender athletes at Varsity and exploring the Blind Ice Hockey initiative for the visually impaired.


STEM students make up an overwhelming proportion of the student body and we want to make sure we are representing them. As with other sections we want to focus more on Oxford and the achievements of our students and our world-leading research departments. In this section we want to present some interesting reads about what our STEM students have been up to so if you are keen to spread the word about STEM please apply!


Stage, Screen, Arts, Music and Literature (Apply for the specific section that interests you!)

We really want to push covering all the exciting artistic endeavours our students are getting up to and providing some insightful comments on their work. Whether it’s a student play, film, piece of art, band or piece of literature we believe that there is so much meaning and value to these productions and we want to be answering any interesting questions our readers might have. For instance, is this play a form of activism? What inspired a certain art exhibition, and what is its place in the wider art scene? Being part of this section has a great perk in that you will have the opportunity to attend productions, screenings, and exhibitions for free!

Food & Drink:

We hope to be serving up some tasty reading in the Food and Drink section, highlighting all the best places to eat in Oxford, but also providing a great resource to cook up some delicious dishes for yourself. Being part of the Food and Drink section requires a big appetite, as members of the team often get invitations to review restaurants for free! Bon Appetit!


It’s time to up the ante. Let’s get those cogs turning and get back to puzzles that take you a moment and make you go hmm…  We’re talking extreme Sudoku, extreme crossword, extreme everything! We want to make sure only Mensa members will be able to solve these puzzles so you best be putting on your thinking cap!




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