Dalgona Coffee: The drink taking the internet by storm

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Missing your favourite coffee shop? Fear not, the viral ‘Dalgona coffee’ will provide the fix you’ve been waiting for.

I’m sure you will have all seen this delicious whipped coffee on one of your social media feeds by now. With many countries in lockdown due to COVID-19, people all over the world are finding ways to entertain themselves and make their favourite treats from the comfort of their own homes.

Dalgona coffee has roots in India, as ‘phenti hui coffee’ or ‘beaten coffee’, as well as in Macau and Pakistan. However, it has recently become popular after its appearance on the South Korean show Pyunstorang, in which actor Jung Il-woo tried it in Macau and named it ‘Dalgona coffee’ due to its resemblance to the traditional Korean toffee-like treat. Since then people all over the world have been sharing their attempts at making this frothy coffee at home.

It may look fancy, but it actually only requires 3 basic ingredients: instant coffee, white sugar and hot water. So you won’t need to make any unnecessary trips to the shop.

It’s incredibly easy to make too. Simply whisk together 2 tablespoons of each of the ingredients in a bowl. This is much easier if you have an electric whisk, but it is possible by hand with more time (something we certainly have enough of lately). Once it reaches a smooth frothy consistency serve over milk then take a photo of your creation – this step is compulsory.

It is not just the result that is attractive. The process of watching the mixture transform into a beautiful golden froth is very satisfying to watch. I gave it a go myself and I must say, I probably enjoyed making it more than I did drinking it. Nevertheless, it was delicious and if you’re looking for a treat to brighten up your days in isolation, I’d definitely recommend trying it for yourself.