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Students can now apply for DDH up to two weeks after the final assessment according to updated University guidelines. This allows students to sit their exams before making the application.

‘Declared to have Deserved Masters’ (DDM) option for postgraduate finalists who find themselves unable to complete their Trinity Term assessments has also been introduced by the update.

The Oxford University website explains: “The postgraduate equivalent [to the DDH] is a Declared to have Deserved Masters degree, or a Declared to have Deserved Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate (collectively referred to as DDM) depending upon the award that the student was enrolled upon”. 

The DDH and master’s equivalent are unclassified degrees. If a student is unable to complete assessments for reasons deemed “legitimate” by the University, and the exam board believes they would have passed exams had not been for current circumstances, a student may choose this option.

The University outlines three main options for students who find themselves unable to complete final assessments this Trinity term. The first is an exit with a classified degree based on assessments thus far. This is only an option if the exam board deems previous work to be enough to determine a predicted grade for the student. The second option is suspension, a previously standing option that would allow a return in Trinity Term of 2021. The third is the new DDH or DDM.

The University stresses that the final option should only be applied if the student is unable to take one of the first two and that students who are undecided about their options should speak to their college and/or faculties. Such decisions are to be taken by the University on a case by case basis. 

Graduation transcripts will be adapted to include a reference letter explaining the nature of the degree that the student would have achieved and to outline the circumstances that prevented them from achieving it. 

The University is working with future employers and other universities to ensure recognition of these awards. They assure students “Discussions are underway with professional bodies” to determine whether they recognise these awards, and an update will follow when these discussions are completed. 

To apply, the student must have passed all previous assessments, have no outstanding resits for exams and have achieved “a satisfactory performance in formative assessment”. A central panel will determine if these requirements are met.

The update finishes, “Further information about these transcripts will follow in the near future.”

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