RevYou results: What’s the most memorable thing you’ve done since coming to Oxford?


Last week, we asked Oxford’s students to sum up their lives with the brevity of a thesis title. With results ranging from a 1st for originality to a 0 for plagiarism, it’s safe to say that you lot are a diverse bunch. 

This week, we wanted to find out even more about the twists and turns of your academic careers. Read on, for the chance to boast that your university experience hasn’t been that bad…

Managed to be the only person to attend a lecture. The lecturer seemed to hope for an hour off and was a wee bit annoyed.

And so they should have been. Lecturers book 9am slots on a Friday morning for a reason. Couldn’t you have been like the rest of us, and decided that it’s perhaps more productive not to drag yourself to exam schools while nursing a hangover? Nonetheless, we’re sure sole attendance is a feat more commonly achieved in the age of distance learning.

Stayed up until 5:00 a.m. writing an essay, then wrote another essay in the afternoon.

We have to admire your commitment – admittedly, we probably would have given up and asked for an extension after cracking out the first. We’re surprised that you can even remember the experience given the caffeine-induced haze it must have involved. Congratulations.

Probably have to be taking part in the occupation at St John’s college, even though it was after submitting my thesis.

Well, aren’t you a model citizen? Anyone who matriculated between 2017 and 2019 will probably remember the occupation as a part of their university experience – to have been committed enough to take part is itself quite a feat. Without a shred of irony, this submission is declared a good call.

Losing my virginity.

Good for you, pal. At least you’ve been spared from becoming an incel.

Falling in love, and slowly getting over it.

Cue the yearning. Many of us hope to find true romance amidst Oxford’s dreaming spires – to gaze wistfully from your seat in the Rad Cam, thinking of a love lost, is actually a rather enviable passtime. Most of us can only stare blankly from our college rooms into quad, with sincere regret, thinking: ‘why the fuck did I date him in the first place?’

That’s all for the RevYou this week. Keep your eyes peeled for a new question tomorrow, and in the meantime, keep making those memories (even if it has to be over Zoom).


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