Wrong paper uploaded to finalists law exam

Image Description: Law Library at Oxford University

On June 4th, law students sitting a finals paper were emailed half-way through the exam informing them that the wrong paper had been uploaded to Weblearn, despite the paper being correctly named “Criminal Law”. The email advised students to begin again with the correct paper.

This follows news earlier this week with the Faculty of Law admitting to a question error in another FHS paper and also delaying the release date of first year Moderations results.

In the email, seen by The Oxford Student, the Exams Team stated that the department was “aware of this incident” and that any students who felt affected by it should complete a self-assessment of mitigating circumstances form.

Following a previous error in the Land Law FHS paper, Paul Burns, Academic Administrator for the Faculty of Law, assured students that there would be “no further surprises of this nature” referring to the rubrics of other papers, however, this blunder has worried some students who feel they should be monitoring emails while sitting future exams.

Speaking to The Oxford Student, a student who sat the exam commented that they were “astonished” at the mistake. “Not only that the faculty could be so monumentally stupid as to have given us the wrong paper in the first place, but also to send us an incoherent email about it halfway through the exam, and fail to apologise for the mistake”.

The emailed went on to confirm that the time to complete and upload the paper would begin when candidates downloaded the correct paper from the Weblearn Open Book Exam site. 

The Faculty of Law and Oxford University have been approached for comment.

Image Credit: Emmy.b