Nominations reopened for Union Presidency amidst racism allegations

Union members today voted to re-open nominations in the election for President Elect of the Union. The only candidate, Jack Solomon, faced severe criticism following substantial allegations by the Secretary, Cansu Uyguroglu, of racist comments he had made in the past.  The remarks came to light on Wednesday and the allegations were then put directly to Solomon in a hustings on Thursday.  The claims were corroborated in a public post by Lousia Broeg, Chair of the Consultative Committee, who said that she had heard Solomon make them. Similar concerns were also raised Mirza Sameer Baig Chught, a former Senior Access Officer. In an open letter, he claimed that he had heard Solomon say “Palestine does not exist” and that a friend close to Solomon remarked that Solomon did not view Palestinians as human beings.

Elections for President, Secretary, and Treasurer were uncontested after the Elevate slate disbanded, due to their mishandling of a candidate for the Standing Committee, who had sent racist ‘hack’ messages. Members had to register to vote online last week in order to take part, despite this 666 votes were cast on Friday.

This means that a re-run of the presidential election is expected next week. Nominations will close in 72 hours.

An anonymous member of the Hope Slate told the Oxford Student: “I think the recent allegations of racism were a political ploy and manipulated the passion of Black Lives Matter supporters. The person making them said time and time again they never wanted to be president. This is categorically not true.” They added that they thought allegations of racism ought to be “investigated wholly and fairly.”

Solomon got 300 votes while 325 people voted for re-open nominations. Adam Roble won the most votes of any of the officers as Secretary, despite this widely being viewed as the most junior of the four.

The results in full are as follows : 


Jack Solomon – 300 votes

RON Elected – 325 votes



Chengkai Xie – Elected  333 votes

Douglas Rebanks Huang – 135 votes

RON – 114 votes



Tamzin Lent Elected – 379 votes

RON – 179 votes



Adam Roble Elected – 452 votes

Ron -130 votes


Elected to standing committee:

Zeus Chen

Viren Shetty

Josh Wallace

Julia Hussain

Molly Mantle

Alex Warr

Adam Shewry


Elected to secretary’s committee:

Ben Goodrick

Oliver Hardman

Benedict Yorston

Kesaia Tonganivalu

Joe Lawler

Juan Davila

June-Ho Chung

Alana Brown

Parth Gosalia

Lily Jiang

Priya Gara


The former candidate for President has been contacted for comment.