Offer Holders who successfully appeal downgraded results will only be admitted for 2021/22 entry

The University has announced today via its Results advice pages that offer-holders who have had their A-Level grades downgraded by Ofqual but later meet the conditions of their offer through the appeals process will only be accepted for entry in the 2021/22 academic year. This would mean students would have to wait a year before beginning their course.

Students are encouraged to contact their prospective colleges ‘if you have not met the conditions of your offer by 13 August but hope to do so by the UCAS deadline of 7 September and you believe that deferring the start of your course until autumn 2021 would have serious consequences’.

Students who do not meet their entry conditions even after appeal are also told that they can reapply to the university at no disadvantage: ‘your application will be considered alongside others for 2021 entry, however, we will not consider the results of the exams taken in autumn or June 2021 as retakes, so your application will not be disadvantaged when admissions decisions are made’.

Cambridge University has announced a similar policy, stating that: ‘The University currently plans to make a limited number of places available in Adjustment this year. Only students who have already been notified that they are eligible for adjustment will be considered in this process, and not all courses will have places available.’

According to the Ofqual Technical Report,  high-attaining students from poor backgrounds have suffered due to the standardisation process. Specifically, the Attainment Gap (at Grades A and A*) for FSM (Free School Meals) students has widened from 6.1 to 7.1, reversing progress made in recent years.

It is understood that a large number of students who did not make their grades have still been offered places.

More to follow.