Trinity Term in-person exams to run from 0th week

Image Description: A view of the Examinations Schools from Merton Street

The University has today confirmed that exams in Trinity Term will take place across the whole of the term, weeks 0 to 11, in order to ensure social distancing and safety.

Although the University is attempting to minimise disruption, many in-person exams will have to take place at different times due to the pandemic. This means that some exams will be much earlier in Trinity term than usual. As a result, students will have less time to prepare for their exams.

A revised exam timetable is currently being prepared, based on the changing situation regarding the pandemic. Individual departments will be able to confirm timetables in Hilary term. Several different venues will be used and, while some exams will take place in Hilary and Michaelmas terms, the majority will still be held in Trinity term.

Students will also have to adhere to strict safety guidelines. In-person exams will involve reduced capacity in venues to allow for social distancing. Face coverings will also have to be worn for the whole duration of the exam. Later exam start times and reduction in the number of exam sittings in a day to allow for enhanced cleaning will also be enforced. These measures will help to ensure that in-person exams are COVID-secure. However, they also mean that many exams will have to be scheduled earlier in Trinity term as a result of the reduced capacity.

If a student is in self-isolation, they will be unable to attend an in-person exam. In this circumstance, the University has said that it may be possible to sit an in-person exam remotely. This would involve the online observation of a remote invigilator.

As well as adapted in-person exams, students can also expect to complete alternative forms of assessment this year, including online exams. Dissertations and essays will be submitted online. Research students will also submit their theses online.

The University has advised that students can apply for mitigating circumstances as a result of the pandemic. This is advised if a student believes that their academic performance has been severely affected by the COVID-19 situation.

There is support available for students taking both online and in-person exams on the University website.

Image Credit: netNicholls via Creative Commons