Identity x Pink collaboration on Queer ethnic minorities

The Pink section, and the Identity Section of The Oxford Student are collaborating for an exciting new series! We feel that this collaboration is important as it demonstrates a clear significant history of intersectionality – a term crucial to both of our respective sections. The experience of LGBTQ people of colour can and Black people often be misunderstood, and based on assumptions and prejudices. They can seem fully erased from LGBTQ stories. We hope that this series will help educate people on the Queer ethnic minorities who helped progress social justice under different systems of oppression.

They can seem fully erased from LGBTQ stories.

Our series will spotlight a different trail-blazing LGBTQ+ person of colour each week. These will be people who have been significant to us, as well as having made substantial contributions to both queer and ethnic minorities history. We will highlight some of the key achievements of their lives, the impact they have had on their communities, why they are particularly important to us and their legacy on wider society. We will also aim to feature some of the major LGBTQ+ people of colour in Oxford’s history, who played a significant but often much-overlooked role in shaping the university and the city as it is today.

A series like this one, at a time like this, must be bigger than us as individuals, our section or even the OxStu as a whole. That’s why we’ll be opening up our series to everyone. If you have a particular LGBTQ+ person of colour that holds a special significance to you or you feel deserves a wider recognition, reach out to us. We will also be inviting comment from Oxford’s queer ethnic minorities community on the people that we feature, so that this series can be a small part in a wider movement to uplift and empower those voices which for so long have been ignored, oppressed and undermined. We look forward to having you on this journey with us.