CREATE Slate clean sweeps union election

Adam Roble, a second-year History and Politics student from Teddy Hall has tonight been elected President of the Oxford Union for Trinity term 2021. Roble, who was Secretary of the Union this term, defeated Geneva Roy, the current Treasurer from Brasenose College in the race for the top spot. Roble obtained 646 first preference votes compared to Roy who obtained 543. 

Running on the Create slate, Roble has promised digital membership cards, multilingual event subtitles, and Online Speaker meets and greets. The slate also pledged, among other things, an Environmental Impact Review, to reduce membership fees, and host Diversity Drinks, an Alumni Reunion Ball and a Socially Distanced Silent Disco. 

To learn more about what Adam Roble and his team have pledged for the Union, read The Oxford Student interview with the Presidential candidates. The total number of votes cast was 1,331.

Speaking to The Oxford Student, Adam Roble, President-Elect of the Oxford Union commented: “I believe that for a long time people such as myself have been made to feel shut out of a place like the Oxford Union. I stood on a platform, fundamentally, of creating a union of possibilities for all. I’m so proud of my team; they say it takes a village, it truly does. Not just believing in the vision we all put forward but we can now start implementing it. I’m so excited, given the results of this election and I’m so so proud of everyone.”

“The Union should become a place of inclusion – a place where the background that you come from doesn’t determine whether or not you’re able to become a member, and crucially a place that everyone can walk into comfortable in the knowledge that this Oxford Union can be a union for all. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this election, I believe that our team has truly learnt so much from it – and I’m eternally grateful for everyone who put forward their vision for what the Union can be. I’m filled with joy at what the Union can become. I hope that anyone and everyone feels comfortable reaching out to me and my future team.”

The final results are as follows:

President: Adam Roble (CREATE) – 646 first preferences 

Librarian: Molly Mantle (CREATE) – 705 first preferences

Treasurer: Viren Shetty (CREATE) – 678 first preferences

Secretary: Adi Kesaia Toganivalu (CREATE) – 613 first preferences

Standing Committee:

Joe Lawler (REBUILD) 7th elected – 79 first preferences
Parth Gosalia (CREATE) 6th elected – 81 first preferences
Benedict Yorston (CREATE) 5th elected – 89 first preferences
Thea Drinkall (REBUILD) 4th elected – 103 first preferences
Kamran Ali (SHINE) 3rd elected – 104 first preferences
Aditya Dabral (CREATE) 2nd elected – 116 first preferences
Michael-Akolade Ayodeji (CREATE) 1st elected – 199 first preferences

Secretary’s Committee:

Rachel Ojo (REBUILD) 11th elected – 46 first preferences
Sharon Chau (CREATE) 10th elected – 48 first preferences
Oscar Bian Ce (CREATE) 9th elected – 48 first preference
Ayesha Khan (CREATE)- 8th elected – 49 first preferences
Manuel Fieber (CREATE) 7th elected – 54 first preferences
Ahmed Nawaz (Independent) 6th elected – 59 first preferences
Francesco Coppola (REBUILD) 5th elected – 61 first preferences
Daniel Paul Osahon (CREATE) 4th elected – 64 first preferences
Eu Ro Wang (SHINE) 3rd elected – 72 first preferences
William Feasey (CREATE) 2nd elected – 75 first preferences
Larissa Sidarto (Independent) 1st elected – 79 first preferences

In our interview with him, Roble said that he didn’t have a most important pledge “because a lot of pledges are key and significant” but he emphasised “a comprehensive independent equality audit which is something that has been kicked around as a football a lot. It is good and something we ought to do in order to get tangible steps from an external body. To improve the perception like we were talking about earlier, we need to take a step outside of ourselves to change the negative perception by the Union doing better.”
Toganivalu commented “I would like to thank my amazing [College] husband Akshat, and my sons Paul, Hugo and Jake. Ultimately, Adam deserved it and worked for it. He is the man the Union needs and it was my honour to run for him.”
Beatrice Barr, outgoing President of The Oxford Union said: “I’m very pleased that we’ve got the results of hotly contested and successfully run election, and wish the best of luck to all the elected candidates!”
From left tor right: Molly Mantle, Adam Roble, Viren Shetty, Kesaia Toganivalu
This article was updated at 00:45 28/11/20 to include additional results and comment from Adam Roble