University College WILL adopt stray cat

Image Description: University College entrance (left) Clement Cattlee (right) 

Earlier today, we published an article entitled “CATastrophe: University College JCR Votes Against Keeping Stray Cat” which we removed at the request of those involved.

We can now report that Clement Cattlee, a stray cat spotted about 10 days ago by students at University College, and named after Clement Attlee, former Prime Minister and alumnus of University College, will be adopted by the College itself, and not paid for from JCR funds. 

In the last ten days, the cat has gained popularity among the community at the College. It was taken to the vet and checked for a chip, which it didn’t have. Since then he has been taken in by the College with students and porters donating time and resources to keep him safe and warm.

On Sunday evening (the 29th of November) a motion was put forward by the JCR to make ‘Cattlee’ (named after Clement Attlee, former Prime Minister and alumnus of University College) an official member of the college and secure funding for his care. The motion was defeated, with 56% voting against versus 38% in favour and 6% abstaining.

In the original meeting, a primary concern raised was that some students anonymously brought up their difficulties on the JCR spending £650 to care for a cat when they feel as though their mental health and wellbeing are not a priority for the college. The JCR reiterated that this money would not come from the welfare budget and that a cat may actually do a great deal of good for the welfare of students.

With the College now stepping in itself to cover the costs, the JCR will not need to use funds from its separate budget.

The original motion resolved to establish Clement Cattlee as a member of the JCR, and establish a new JCR position, elected immediately, that takes responsibility for the care of C. Cattlee. The JCR will work to create this position next term since Michaelmas term is almost over, and in the meantime second-year Hannah, the proposer of the original motion will oversee his care. The porters have also been caring for Cattlee during this time.

Hannah said she was “overjoyed” at the pawsitive news of University College’s decision to fund the care of the cat:

“[Cattlee] has already become a central character of the college, and I have loved watching him settle into the lodge and become increasingly comfortable with our students. He is such an affectionate cat, and truly is the good news we all needed at the end of what has been an awful year for us all. I am grateful to the staff and students who have worked so hard to help us establish him in his new home, and hope that for many years to come he will bring joy to future members of the college as he has for us.”

Clement Cattlee now has official Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as a GoFundMe. While the College will cover vet, insurance and food costs, non-essential items like toys will be funded through donations or given as gifts. Anyone can email [email protected] to find out what he needs.

Mr Cattlee was unable to respond to our request for comment.

University College has been contacted for comment

Image Credits: Univ JCR via Twitter & Billy Wilson