Oxford University cases drop AGAIN to 21

In the week preceding 27th November, Oxford University’s Early Alert system saw only 21 positive cases out of 140 tests. This is a significant drop from positive case numbers earlier in the term, with the decrease being especially apparent in the last two weeks.

The University’s Early Alert system has conducted 5,228 tests over the course of the term, 19% (1,041) of which have been positive. Oxford Brookes has seen a similar drop in positive COVID cases – reporting that in the week before the 20th November, they had only been notified of 20 confirmed cases and had no ‘locked down’ halls of residence.

As of the 30th November, the rate of infection in Oxfordshire was at 1,491 per 100,000 people – much lower than the UK average of 2,490. The number of recorded COVID cases increased by 190 over the weekend across the county. However, the last week has shown a steady decrease in the average number of infections per 100,000 people across Oxfordshire compared to previous weeks.

Despite the downwards trend in cases across Oxfordshire, the county will be entering Tier 2 on 3rd December as national lockdown ends. A statement published by the secretary of state, Matt Hancock, on UK Parliament website explained, “Positive improvements across key indicators across all areas in Oxfordshire, but case rates still too high for Tier 1.”

Lateral Flow Testing (LFTs) will be offered by colleges during 8th week for students planning to leave during the Government’s Christmas Travel Window, which will increase the number of tests done. Information about these can be found here.

Image credit: Oxford University status and response website

Image Credits: Metin Ozer on Unsplash and Tian Chen