Oxford SU launches fund for all-student events during the University closure period

Oxford SU has launched a £200 fund for societies and common rooms to put on all-student events during the University closure period, between Monday 21st December and Sunday 3rd January.

This fund was created as part of their between-term card, which was launched this week as a space for societies and common rooms to advertise intercollegiate events that students can take part in over the winter vac.

Lauren Bolz, VP Graduates of the SU, said that the idea for the project was motivated by the mental health implications of exclusively term-time events for graduate students and the likelihood that a lot of international students will be in Oxford this winter vacation.

“Even before the pandemic hit, a lot of students—particularly graduate students and international students who stay in Oxford year-round—feel that Oxford can become quite lonely when all of the events stop happening between terms. I launched this project as part of a larger effort to push back against this”.

The between-term card is a live online space, so clubs, societies, common rooms and university groups can add events at any time. Some of the events currently featured on the between-term card include welfare walks, Christmas carols, special collections at the museums and society-specific events.

Recognising that the University closure period will be a particularly empty time for students staying in Oxford, the SU is offering up to £200 to societies or common rooms to put on an event during this period. Event funding decisions will be made at the discretion of Oxford SU at the start of 10th week and priority will be given to proposals that are best able to highlight the positive impact that their event will have on student wellbeing.

Some of the conditions for receiving funding include ensuring that the event is open to all University of Oxford students, adheres to all university and government guidelines, takes place on or between Monday 21st December and Sunday 3rd January, and is listed on the SU’s between-term card by 17th December.

You can submit event proposals here until this Sunday (13th December) at 11:59 pm:

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