Keble College to ‘remove’ students returning without permission

Image Description: The back of Keble College 

An emergency meeting was held today at Keble College regarding the return of students without permission from the accommodation office. This follows a number of changes to the government and university guidance about returning for Hilary Term.

In a message to the JCR seen by the Oxford Student, the JCR President wrote that:

“I had an emergency meeting with the Sub-Dean this morning because some of you have been turning up to college without any permission or informing the accommodation office. There have been people turning up at night and asking for keys from the Porter’s lodge or using the room keys they’ve kept over the vac.

College is aware of who has turned up unannounced an it will come as no surprise that freshers have been specifically mentioned as coming back without permission.”

Following this meeting, the JCR President noted that:

“I have been informed that you will be removed from college and you cannot retrospectively say that exemptions apply. If you do not decide to leave, there are measures in place to ensure your removal.”

The JCR President further urged the community to “Please take this situation very seriously and just follow these basic rules on returning.” He added that:

“If you have a legitimate exemption or reason to come back, email the accommodation office and ask for permission to return. There have been many people who have done so and college has had absolutely no problem with people returning under these circumstances”.

An email sent to the students from the Bursar, also seen by the Oxford Student wrote that “If you simply turn up you will be turned away from college”, and that those who had arrived without permission had been reported to the Dean. The same email also informed students that communal spaces within the college, including kitchens, would be closed if there were “transgressions” of social distancing guidelines.

According to university guidance, all students should remain where they are, unless they are on a limited number of exempt courses, such as clinical medicine, or are returning due to other specific reasons such as requiring extra support, or lacking appropriate space.

Keble College and the JCR President have been contacted for comment.

Image Credit: Iona Shen