Editor’s Pidge and Welcomes

Image description: A letter with the oxstu logo being placed into a pigeon hole. 

By this point, it would probably be redundant to talk about how different term, and by extension OxStu, is going to be this Hilary. Instead, I want to let you all know about what I’m personally most excited for over the course of the first term of 2021! Issy and I are looking forward to taking the OxStu in a new direction, focusing on the upbeat and the positive in the hopes of providing you all a reprieve in these strange and difficult times. We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Green section, which will cover environment and sustainability issues and which we’re hoping will become a staple of OxStu long after our time as editors is over. We are also looking forward to sharing with you all our big plans for OxStu’s 30th anniversary of publication! Like many of us at this point, OxStu will be celebrating its birthday in lockdown. We aren’t going to let that stop us from making it special though – OxStu only turns 30 once! As always, this term will be what we make of it, and we know that with your support and contributions, we can make the best of Hilary 2021.  – Robert Macilraith, Magdalen

Clearly this term is not what anyone had hoped it would be, or any of us expected. Instead of forming our community in Oxford, we’re once again having to find ways of recreating that whilst we’re apart. I hope that the OxStu can help to do that, whether through reading, writing, or sharing. I wrote my first ever article for the Oxford Student in Lockdown 1 (almost a year ago), and I’m now somewhat inexplicably the editor: if you’ve been wanting to write something for a while, join our contributors group, and get in touch. There are lots of exciting things happening in the paper this term – we’re continuing with our weekly broadsheets, and will be resuming our newsletters; sign up for a weekly dose of OxStu straight to your inbox. Our Green section should be a long overdue space for environmental issues, and this term will also see our new Life columnist, exploring everyday life and experiences of a postgraduate student. 30 years on from our founding, we’re proud to have the widest and most inclusive sections of any student newspaper in Oxford. Whilst you may not be able to return to Oxford, there is space for you here. – Issy Fleming, Lincoln College.

This term we’d also love to hear from our readers, and launching Editor’s pidge as a space for you to get in touch with the Editors-in-Chief and have a say on what we’ve published.

Email us at editor@oxfordstudent.com with the subject Editor’s Pidge!

Art by Tian Chen