Student Council votes to reinstate Women’s Campaign and condemn police brutality in India

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The Oxford SU Student Council has voted to reinstate its Women’s Campaign after a meeting held earlier this week. The council also passed motions asking for clarity on undergraduate teaching income and expenditure as well as an emergency motion which condemned police violence in India.

The Student Council, the legislative assembly of the Student Union, represents more than 20,000 students at the university. The Council convenes 12 times a year, once every two weeks in term time.

The motion to reinstate the Women’s campaign was stated:

“The Women’s Campaign should be reinstated and thus allowed to continue their work for the interests of promoting feminist discussion and activism at the University of Oxford.”

The motion passed with no one voting against it although there were 3 abstentions.

At the meeting, the council also passed an emergency motion which condemned police brutality in India. This comes after mass protests by Indian farmers were met with state violence.

The motion believes that:

“The SU is a place of inclusion, which supports democracy and peace, and has a proud history of condemning police brutality, including last year’s motion condemning the police brutality used against protestors in Hong Kong.”

The motion mandates the SU president “to publish an open letter on all of the SU’s social media platforms supporting Indian farmers’ right to protest and condemning police brutality. This should be done by the end of HT2021 and the SU President should work in collaboration with the proposer and seconder of this motion to draft the letter”.

A motion was also passed to: “To mandate the SU President to lobby for the University to publish data on Home and non-Home undergraduate teaching income and expenditure.”

The motion further stated that:

“All Undergraduates should be able to access data on where their tuition fees are spent.”

“Oxford is an institution that systematically excludes those who come from a large number of backgrounds and financial circumstances because of its high tuition fees.”

There had been expectation before the meeting that a motion would be submitted about Dinah Rose, the President of Magdalen College. This comes amid controversy about her role in litigation on behalf of the Caymanian Government to block same-sex marriage.

However, although a motion about the Magdalen controversy was submitted, it was withdrawn at the meeting. According to the Chair of the Student Council:

“One motion, titled “Supporting LGBTQ+ Rights and Welfare in Light of Events at Magdalen College”, was withdrawn at the request of the proposer after receiving a commitment from the sabbatical trustees.”


Image credit: Iona Shen


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