International Nutella Day Soufflé : Meet the Food and Drink Team!

 International Nutella Day Soufflé : Meet the Food and Drink Team!

Anna, Maga, Ayesha and Sophie all ready to bake on their respective screens.

Anna (Blue jumper), Ayesha (Pink jumper), Maga (Black jumper) and Sophie (White cardigan)

Today, we are trying out a two-ingredient Nutella soufflé from Tasty…

Maga: So the ingredients say to put the two eggs into two separate bowls…

Anna: Hahaha is it the whites in one and the yolks in another?

Off to a great start then…

Maga: Haha even this two-ingredient recipe may be too much for me.

*Sophie and Ayesha join*

Ayesha: Hey guys!

Sophie: Hey everyone!

Sophie: I actually haven’t baked anything in a really long time.

Ayesha and her cousin, Mason, were already in the baking groove and show us a brownie that they made

Ayesha: Yeah but we don’t have anything prepared yet…

Maga: Well, it is only two ingredients.


Ayesha has the biggest Nutella jar in the group.

Ayesha: I am ready for world-Nutella day

She proceeds to dump the Nutella into the eggs without following the recipe.

Ayesha: Cooking is an art not a science.

Maga: That’ll be the take-away of the video… Let’s do the eggs.

Anna: Let’s get cracking…

Ayesha: Cracking?! Who was that ahaha!

Maga: Anna takes full responsibility for that joke.

We are all about to start cracking the eggs.

Sophie: Ah I was always really bad at doing this…

Maga: OK – Let’s go!

Ayesha: Egg on egg, on bowl or cutlery?


Sophie: I always do bowl

Anna and Maga just go for it, straight into the bowl and Ayesha proceeds to slice?! the egg with a knife.

Each person cracking an egg in their own style

Sophie: I actually have a machine for it.

Anna: Mine has a membrane…What have I done to this egg?!

Ok, we have all managed to successfully crack these eggs – or in Anna’s words: Oh my god, I have managed to do this without completely messing it up!

Now, onto the Nutella –

Maga scoops the Nutella out the jar:

Maga: so cool…

Maga dynamically dropping a dollop of Nutella into her bowl

Ayesha and her cousin proceed to sniff the milk that they have decided to add in…

Ayesha sniffing milk

Ayesha: Let’s just assume its ok…

Maga: Ok, my bowl is looking pretty sad now.

Sophie: The mixture itself is not the most appetising looking thing either.

Maga: The egg yolks look like orange curd.

Anna is putting Nutella in a mug, Maga is mixing together the eggs and Nutella.

Ayesha: My cousin is still in school and this is like his Food Tech lesson.

Maga: His Zoom Food Tech class.

Anna: Ah Food Tech! That was so fun!

Maga: Our teachers had terrible food hygiene. They would just lick the spoons and put it back into our food.

Anna: We weren’t allowed to eat the food until the end of school and they would be like ‘No food fights!’ Like, do you think I’m gonna throw away my beautiful food?!

Sophie: Yeah, by the time I took it home it would be all weird and congealed

I’m concerned about Sophie’s cooking skills now…


Anyway, we all give the Nutella and egg yolks a good mix.

Maga: Whoops! I haven’t pre-heated the oven.

Everyone gets out their hand-mixer’s, although Anna’s is an electric whisk and Ayesha and her cousin are bravely tackling it by hand.

Ayesha: Me and Mason have been taking turns

 To avoid the cacophony of blitzing whisks/mixers we agree to mute ourselves.  Ayesha continues with her silent and stable method.

Ayesha shows her well-earned peaks. 

Maga: Ooh, I am so impressed, mine are barely soft peaks

Ayesha: You gotta go by hand

Maga: So it’s the muscles…

Ayesha: Hahah yes well it’s actually Mason’s muscles…

We are now all reaching stiff peaks…ish

Sophie: Can you overdo this?

Anna: Are your peaks stiff?!

Sophie: They sort of stand up but I think I’ve gone too far and they’ve gone a bit weird looking…

Ayesha: Look guys it’s gotta be really stiff, this is gonna give you the volume of the soufflé and it has to lift up the Nutella which is quite heavy.

Maga: You’re right…We have the baking expert here!

Ayesha: Again it’s all Mason…he’s just telling me and I’m repeating it ahah! 

After a quick second mix, the peaks are looking good and we are now all realising that our eggs were all completely different sizes…

Maga: I put one baby egg and one large

Sophie: I put two large…

Let’s just see how this turns out.

Each baker is greasing their ramekin

Anna: I can’t actually think of a better way to spend an afternoon…

Sophie: It’s so easy as well – I mean that is why I have never made a soufflé before – thought it would be much more stressful!

Maga: Yes it hasn’t been stressful actually – though we are yet to see how it turns out.

Sophie: Yeah, I might be left embarrassed.

Anna: Don’t worry, mine will definitely be the worst here.


After Anna’s foreshadowing, we start to incorporate the egg whites with the Nutella mixture.

Maga: Look how nicely they [the eggs] slide out.

Ayesha: Yeah, yours were definitely stiff peaks.

Maga: They weren’t even peaks it was just an island of eggs.

Ayesha: Ah together they’re chocolate-y eggs

Maga: Yeah at this point it’s just an egg soufflé with some Nutella


Sophie: What does fold-in even mean?

Maga: Yeah, I don’t know how to not just beat all the air out of it whilst still having it incorporated.

Sophie: I am just energetically stirring it.

Ayesha: Ours is going really well I think, grainy but good.

Maga: Mine is grainy too… I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

We all love a grainy soufflé sans air…

Ayesha: Ok we are ready to put ours in…

*Proceeds to pour in ramekins*

Maga: There is a cheeky thing in the recipe where it says two ingredients but also says the ramekins have to be greased…

Ayesha: Oh no….Why didn’t you say that before we started pouring ahah!

Maga: Ah sorry! I’m sure it’ll be fine, Nutella is greasy anyway.

Ayesha: Also they said one ramekin but it could have easily gone into three.

Sophie: Yeah how big are their ramekins if they’re only making one or is it that one person eats three soufflés at Tasty?


Ayesha’s pug makes a surprise special guest appearance before we put them in the oven! (Not the pug.)

Anna is trying to get soufflé mix off of a spoon, Ayesha's cousin is holding a pug!

Maga: So when they’re done they should be airy but also brown…

Ayesha: They’re already brown because it’s Nutella.

Harsh but true.

Our various timers go off and we wait for the results… except for Anna who has decided to wing it using the microwave.


Voilà, our feedback in few words:

Anna: so sad.

But what went wrong?

Anna: Microwave.

Ayesha: Moist, gooey, delicious.

Maga: Looks much better than they taste.

Sophie: Tasted nice.


The finished soufflé looking delicious