Update from university on Trinity exams and residency requirements

Image description: the radcam viewed through a doorway

The University has emailed students providing more information about exams in Trinity. Students will be able to explain mitigating circumstances to examiners if their work has been impacted by lack of in-person resources. Residency requirements will also not be in place for Trinity term.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Martin Williams wrote to the students explaining that exams boards will be asked to:

  • “Make adjustments for papers that have been particularly impacted by the pandemic.”
  • “Review average marks at paper level, and scale them to bring them more into line with expected outcomes and previous years’ results.”
  • “Review overall outcomes and make adjustments in reference to previous years.”

The email further explains that students will be able to submit statements with some work to describe the impact of lack of resources or activities. Students will also be able to use an, “enhanced Mitigating Circumstances for Examiners (MCE) process” from 6th week, including a new ‘student impact statement’, as well as being able to submit MCEs directly rather than through college from early Trinity.

Most exams in Trinity will take place online and will use Inspera which the vice chancellor described as a, “modern, flexible platform, which I am sure will provide an excellent experience.”

He continued: “If they have not already done so, your department will contact you in the very near future to outline the format of your exams. For the small number of you with exams taking place in-person, they will confirm contingency arrangements in the event that your exam needs to move online.”

The update also revealed there will be no residency requirements in place for Trinity term. However, the update also stated that:

“If you are able to return, we will strongly encourage you to return to Oxford in Trinity term to attend in-person teaching and practical work, and make the most of University and college facilities, if local and national restrictions allow it.”

In response to the update the SU released a statement saying:

“We’re pleased to see further commitments on exams and assessment following our work on our fair outcomes for students campaign and we’d like to thank all the students who have been supporting the campaign so far. We’re still working with the university to finalise the details that will be going out about 2021 exams and assessment, and are working with the University to ensure that those details are communicated clearly and as soon as possible.”

“We remain committed to actively lobbying and working closely with the University to ensure students get the best student experience possible next term whether they are in Oxford or studying remotely.”

Image credit: Iona Shen