Student Spotlight: IntoGrad

IntoGrad is a new organisation working to increase the accessibility of postgraduate study, which has long been an issue. Here we find out more from Emma Lalande and Dom McGann, two postgraduate students studying at Oxford.

What is IntoGrad?

IntoGrad is a non-profit organisation that aims to demystify the postgraduate application process, and combat the lack of access to the world’s top universities. By linking expert Mentors with prospective postgraduate students, we aim to provide equal educational opportunities to all applicants, irrespective of their background or circumstances. Together, our Executive team and Mentors work to provide and build a diverse community of thinkers who seek to level the playing field in postgraduate applications.

How did you get involved?

Dom (Chief Content Officer): I got involved with IntoGrad by first applying to be a Mentor. Having studied at Oxford for the last three years, I am very keen to see that such a brilliant university is accessible to anyone who wants to be there, and so was naturally interested in working for IntoGrad.

Emma (Chief Outreach Officer): The lack of accessibility and transparency in postgraduate applications, and surrounding complexities like funding and application fees, has been top of mind for a while, particularly in the context of widening diversity. I was just explaining this to a PhD friend of mine, when an email from IntoGrad serendipitously dropped into my inbox! I signed up as a Mentor, and from there it’s history – I joined the Executive Committee as Chief of Outreach, and am now guiding our Outreach framework to reach as many individuals as possible, particularly those in regions of lower resource accessibility globally. Being a part of IntoGrad is very rewarding – I talk to so many engaging, like-minded people, and we’re making a difference.

How Can Students Get Involved?

IntoGrad is currently recruiting for Mentors. Our Mentors are at the forefront of our organisation to provide insights to prospective applicants based on their recent, first-hand experience of the application process and postgraduate life in general.

If you are a postgraduate interested in joining us as a Mentor, we would love to here from you!

Who Might be Interested in IntoGrad?

From a mentorship perspective, IntoGrad is for those who want to do their part to make sure top universities are accessible to all, not just those with circumstantial privileges. Many of us have directly benefited from supervisory guidance during our own applications to get to where we are now, and IntoGrad streamlines that ability to give back. By working with Intograd and building a stronger community for the future, you will be directly impacting the lives of applicants across the world.

From an applicant’s perspective, IntoGrad’s services may interest anyone who is beginning to embark on the labyrinthine journey of deciding what is right for them, and composing an application for postgraduate study at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and beyond. Once linked with IntoGrad, our Mentors will do everything they can to help you navigate this often quite hazy process, aiming to give you the best chance of studying at the university of your choice.

Fill in this form if you are interested in becoming a mentor, or email [email protected] for more information.

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