London state school receives more Oxbridge offers than Eton

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Brampton Manor Academy has received 55 conditional offers from Oxford and Cambridge while Eton received 48. 

Students at the school have surpassed Eton on Oxbridge offers for the first time ever. The state school is in Newham, one of the poorest boroughs of London, with 52% of children living in poverty, according to Trust for London. Additionally, according to the Telegraph, two thirds of the students at Brampton Manor are eligible for free school meals. 

Brampton Manor tweeted in support of their students saying:

“Massive congratulations to our class of 2021. Despite the covid pandemic, a record 55 students have shown resilience and determination to secure offers from two of the most prestigious universities in the world:Oxford and Cambridge. Well done.”

The school has increased their Oxbridge offers from 1 in 2014 to 55 this year. Brampton Manor has even received attention from Stormzy, who said that he would want to send his children to the school.

The state school intake of the two universities from 2015 to this year has increased from 62.3% to 70% at Cambridge and from 55.6% to 68.7% at Oxford.  Brampton Manor’s record breaking offers are reflective of the effort being made by the two universities to be more inclusive and expand the diversity of students getting offers.

The ongoing campaign by the University to increase the diversity of the student intake involves Oxford’s UNIQ programme, aimed at helping disadvantaged students. Oxford has committed to cutting the ratio of students from the wealthiest parts of the country to those from the most deprived from 15:1 to 8:1 by 2025. Cambridge has also committed to reducing this ration, and recently announced that  they would be offering a free foundation year to disadvantaged students who missed the top grades needed to study at the university, with requirements being equivalent to BBB at A-level.

The Deputy Head of Eton said: “Each year we see very strong Etonian applicants disappointed, and unfortunately there have been more boys in this position this year.” Eton’s offers have dropped from 99 five years ago to 48 this year. Fees for students at the boarding school are over £42,000 each year and the school has produced 22 Prime Ministers including the current PM Boris Johnson. 

Image Credit: David Inc and Visit Britain Images via creative commons


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