Council called to add street lights as ‘matter of urgency’

A petition circulated among students of Oxford Brookes and Oxford University calls on the city council to add street lights to a path at the top of South Park. The path, which represents the shortest distance between the Brookes Campus and student housing in Cowley is regularly used by students of the university, as well as students of nearby Cheney School and local residents.

The petition gives a stark description of a typical journey along the path at night, noting that:

“The lack of lighting means that on a dark night it’s impossible to even see your feet unless you have enough charge on your phone to use it as a torch.”

The path was formerly the site of a sexual assault back in 2014, which resulted in an arrest.

Jake Whittingham, one of those responsible for creating the petition, has directed Oxford students to tune in to South Today on BBC One at 6:30 pm later today which will see those behind the petition discuss its importance on a wider scale.

He also told the Oxford Student in an official statement:

“The constant rapes and attacks in South Park have to stop. For years, Brookes students have had the worst things imaginable happen to them in this unsafe stretch of path. At 6.30 pm On BBC one tonight, this all changes. Tune in for full details.”

At the time of writing, the petition has obtained 1,500 signatures towards its target of 2,000. Reaching this goal will require the petition to be debated by the City Council.